Export of Yemen fish

    There is a dramatic increase for Yemen's exports of fish and marine species at many international markets for the good quality they have, their high nutritious value and due to their... For More Details

 Export of Yemen agricultural products.

In this sector, Royal Marine Fruit, aims to improve the quantity and quality of Yemen's agricultural products by insuring selection of high quality products which adapt with international standards, and... For More Details

Export of traditional  crafsmanship

Our activities in this sector include:   Textile works and handmade woven fabrics. Leather works. Handicrafts. ceramics and pottery. Silver works. Sculptures, masterpieces and gifts. Valuable stones. For... For More Details

Export of Yemen raw materials and natural products

Our activities  in this sector include:- natural gum- incense, honey- henna- natural leather- marine and rocky slat- natural oils. For further details please visit Products Directory. For More Details

Export of marble and stones of  building & ornament

Yemen has a large set of stone and mineral treasure, according to The Yemen Geological Authority and minerals, Yemen has got more than (60) types of marble stones and granite. In... For More Details

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